The innocence of this chaos

Children hanging out in the village streets with nothing to do

Children hanging out on the village streets with nothing to do.

       I decided to dedicate my first post to the children of Palestine. When I first went to Palestine, I was a child.. I loved playing soccer and hide n go seek with the Palestinian kids in my dads village. When I went back to Palestine this past summer, this would be the summer where I realized and learned so much. I would see children working and not enjoying their childhood. Because of the Israeli occupation, Palestinians have limited money and limited space. The Israeli government has put so many restrictions on education and the childhood of these innocent children.  When I went to the Israeli part, I would see kids laughing and playing with their cool playgrounds and nice soccer fields, and riding skateboards on sidewalks. The Palestinian kids play with what they have, which is not much. They sure don’t have fancy playgrounds and soccer fields. Instead they have concrete and dirt to play soccer on. The soccer ball they play with is usually flat, but they still make it work and try and have a good time. It’s hard to think of a child not having a safe place to play. In America, most kids have playgrounds in their backyard and have parks they can go to. In Palestine, there is no such thing as public parks. When I would play soccer with my cousins on the concrete dirt, I scraped my elbows, knees, and hands, and trust me it really wasn’t the best feeling in the world.

       When I would always get back from a trip to an Israeli city, all of the children would ask me, “Whats it like there? Is there grass and trees?”, and It would always be hard for me to reply, because these kids have practically nothing. The life of Israeli children and Palestinian children are on different ends of the spectrum. When you travel through Palestine and the Israeli Territories.. It’s like you’re at two different places at the same time. You are practically in two different worlds, but it’s all so close together, it’s hard to believe. One side is green with flowers, the other side is full of dust, concrete, and torn up billboards & signs.

       The Palestinians pay the same taxes as the Israeli’s do, but they are limited to what they get. If there are humaniatarian efforts to try and help build a park for the Palestinian children, the Israeli government will condemn it. It seems like the Israelis don’t want the children to be children. During the Gaza war they bombed schools and killed children. Now, why would they do that? They are afraid. They are afraid the children would grow up to become educated and peaceful. The last thing Israeli’s like are educated and peaceful Palestinians. It starts with the kids. If we make efforts stronger to help keep the children peaceful, playful, and educated, I know this will help liberate the Palestinians.

      One day I hope to build a park in Palestine, a park of hope and childhood. A lot of people don’t realize what this conflict puts on these children. It’s important to have a childhood because without childhood, there is no direction and for some no purpose. These Palestinian children go through a lot. Most of them have never been outside of Palestinian territories, so they don’t know what it’s like for the Israeli children. It’s sad to say this, but for the Palestinian children, the grass is literally greener on the other side, and it’s harder for them to see it for themselves because of the occupation. Without laughter of all children, there is no peace.


~ by behebekfalasteen on August 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “The innocence of this chaos”

  1. Amazing blog! I agree with everything you said. And when you build that playground in falestine…give me a call…I wanna help. ❤ talk to u soon inshallah!

  2. Its all about empathy,and I guess the majority of us Jews don’t have it.I feel helpless when i cant do anything, I shudder to think what a Palestinian father ,Mother, Brother feels when they cant protect their family. Jews and Palestinian have one thing in common for their kids education ,but Israeli dont. They seem to have a knack for blowing up schools why? You do the math..All the Palestinians i know that live in America are Lawyers Doctors etc etc .Im sure If they lived in Palestine their lives would not have the same outcome

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