The hypocrisy within Israel

An Israeli military jeep that highly resembles the Nazi jeeps, driving in the Palestinian territory.

An Israeli military jeep that highly resembles the Nazi jeeps, driving in the Palestinian territory.

I’d like to start off with this post saying that I am not against the Jewish religion what so ever. I am not Anti-Sematic, and that would be weird if I was because I am Sematic. I am also not a Jew hater. I just dislike the actions Israel makes and how they are destructive towards the Palestinian people.

I think it’s weird how history repeats itself. Back in the 30’s and 40’s, the Nazi’s almost elimated the Jewish people. They put them in death camps and treated them like they were lower than dirt. Right after that happend, the Jewish people came to Palestine and pretty much did the same thing to the Palestinians as the Nazi’s did to them. They took away homes, killed people, took land, and took the rights of the Palestinian people. Now in a different day in age, they seem to be repeating almost everything the Nazi’s did to their ancestors.

Everytime somebody says something bad about Israel or calls them out on something they did wrong, they immediately call that person “Anti-Sematic” or they pull the “My people were in the Holocaust” card. They can never take blame for what they do wrong, and that just bugs me. During the Gaza war, when the UN stepped in, the Israeli’s were trying to tell everybody that the UN hates Israel and that is the reason why the UN are saying these “lies” about Israel. If they had any common sense, they would realize that the UN is trying to HELP people. What’s so wrong with helping people? Why do the Israeli’s hate the Humanitarian workers that help the Palestinians? It makes no sense, but then again it does. They want to repeat history, but this time eliminate the Palestinian race. The Israeli’s are pure fascist. Sort of reminds me of the Nazi regime in Germany when Adolf Hilter ruled.

Another example of this hypocrism would be about this one Israeli Defense Force soldier named Gilad Shalit. He was captured by a Palestinian group in 2006. They make such a big deal about this one guy. I agree that every life is valuable, and it’s wrong to keep him held hostage, but the Israeli’s do not acknowledge the fact that the IDF captures and kills innocent Palestinian people every single day. Why isn’t that on the news or on everybody’s mind? The Israeli’s kill more Palestinians than Palestinians kill Israeli’s, and that’s factual. When you read on the headlines that “Israeli’s killed 20 militants today.” They are covering up the fact that they actually killed innocent civilians.

Whenever Hamas fires those firework rockets, I call them “firework rockets” because they look like fireworks and don’t harm anybody, the Israeli’s cry about it and then they go in and kill 1000’s of innocent Palestinians with their huge missiles and tanks, machine guns, and the hi-tech missles that can pinpoint a target, (I.E. The Gaza war). And when somebody calls them out on it like the United Nations, they cry and say “well they did it first”.

You feel this hypocrism everywhere around Israel. I’m not saying that hypocrism is a feeling, but you can just tell when you talk to most of the soldiers and most citizens, that they don’t follow the golden rule which states: “Treat others how you would like to be treated”. This hypocrism is practically all around you when you go to Israel. If you have every been there and you travel through the Palestinian areas, you’d see these jeeps that look like an exact replica of the jeeps the Nazi’s used to have. It’s really scary, and it just makes you think, why would they do that? It seems like it would be an insult to their own people.

Anyway, that was my post about the hypocritical ways of the Israeli government. I would continue with it, but there are so many hypocritical acts that the Israeli’s have done that it’s too much for me to type. There would be pages and pages of examples. The Israeli’s seriously have no conscience about what they do. They don’t think and they act like toddlers when they get caught. I think Israel will destroy itself by their own hypocrism.


~ by behebekfalasteen on August 29, 2009.

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