A divided Palestine

Hamas and Fatah alone does not compare to Palestine as a whole.

Hamas and Fatah alone does not compare to Palestine as a whole.

As the conflict of the Palestinians and the Israelis continue with more tension and chaos everyday, there are conflicts between the Palestinians that need to be resolved. There are two different major parts of the Palestinian territories, Gaza and the Westbank. Gaza is controlled by Hamas, and the Westbank is controlled by Fatah.

Hamas is a political group in Palestine who strives for the resistance of the Israeli occupation. In western media you might see them being called “militants” or “a terrorist organization”, when they are actually not because they are a branch of government who has military control. Hamas was founded in 1987 in Gaza. They won the election in 2006 that set off a lot of anger from the Bush administration and Israel. Right now, they are in power in Gaza and still resists the Israeli occupation.

Fatah is a political group that controls the Westbank and most of the government in Palestine today. Fatah was founded in 1958 by Yasser Arafat a former President of Palestine. Mahmoud Abbas is the current President of Palestine and also a leader of Fatah. They’re also a resistance to Israel, but not as strong. Fatah has a tendency to be persuaded to be more nice towards Israel and the United states. Fatah is more involved in the governments of Palestine and not so much their own people.

Hamas and Fatah are a rivalry against eachother. They both want power of Palestine, for the same reason, but also for different reasons. They both want Palestine to be liberated from Israel, but they both have different strategies and different mindsets of how and why they want to do it. Hamas is for the people, Fatah is for the politics.

They all have the same goal though, right? They both want to help liberate Palestine. When people ask me, “are you for Fatah or are you for Hamas?”, I say, I’m for Palestine. How could you help liberate Palestine if you go against your own people? Imagine if everybody in Palestine united as one resistance against Israel. They would have a better chance of liberating the Palestinian people by working together. Instead, what Fatah and Hamas are doing, is trying to fight for power for themselves and not really thinking about the people. They are arresting their own Palestinian blood because those people support the opposing party. What they need to be doing is arresting the Israeli’s who commit crimes against the Palestinians, and stop with this Palestinian on Palestinian conflict.

In order to get any further in the resistance against Israel, Hamas and Fatah, and every single Palestinian need to come together and help one another. There should be one group and that group should be called Palestine. A group that will help the Palestinian people and help liberate Palestine. A group that will not take away from their people, but give to them. This group will be the closest thing to liberation. Until the Palestinian people stop fighting with eachother, they won’t stand a chance against Israel.


~ by behebekfalasteen on August 31, 2009.

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  1. the oppressed become the oppressors Never again I guess means Never again if you are Jewish not if you are a Palestinian

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