Israeli military silences laughter of children

Two 10 year old Palestinian boys who could in the future be subject to this Israeli Militray brutality against young boys.

Two 10 year old Palestinian boys who could in the future be subject to Israeli Military brutality against young boys.

During the Gaza war, the Israeli’s killed more children than anybody else. The Israeli’s excuse was “They were being used as shields by Hamas”. I highly doubt that. The Israeli military has a tendacy to bully, beat up, and kill children in Palestine. They arrest them and beat them up, without any evidence of wrongdoing. They threaten them and then threaten their families. No child should have to deal with this. This is a true example of child abuse. They especially target young boys from ages 11 to 17.

In this article I read on the BBC website, a former IDF commander exposes the truth of what Israeli troops do to those kids. He states that before Israeli troops arrest the kids, they blindfold them first, and then they scare them and abuse them. Imagine if you were that kid, you would be afraid for your life because you had no idea what was going on and why you were being treated so harshly. If you read that whole article, its disgusting how the Israeli’s treat children in Palestine. You really get a sense of what injustice there is, especially for the kids.

In Hebron young children get attacked and beaten on all the time. Sure it’s not by the Israeli military, but the Israeli military supervises it and obviously doesn’t have a problem with the horrific assualts that the settlers commit. It’s disturbing actions like this, that makes Israel look like a total unhumane country. It’s one thing to treat adults horribly, but to treat children like this is extremely vicious and cruel.

Another example of what the Israelis do to these children is straight up kill them. I read a headline today on Al Jazeera news, and it said “Palestinian youth shot by Israeli soldiers”. Now think about it if you were that mother or that father, what would you think? What if you were that little brother or sister of that 15 year old that got shot? You would think that the Israeli’s are monsters and that nobody is safe, not even the children. You would be afraid.

The Israeli’s use the excuses like, “he threw a stone at my big tank.” ,or, “they are brainwashed by Hamas”. Now if you ask me, thats a bunch of tatical ways to get rid of the next generation of Palestinians. Bombing schools, shooting children, arresting children, assualting children? I mean c’mon those are obvious actions of somebody who is Fascist just like the Nazi’s. The Israelis are afraid that one day these Palestinian children will grow up to be something they won’t be able to compare to. It will happen one of these days, and I will spend my whole life making sure it does. It’s not about politics for me at all. It’s about human lives. It’s clear that the Israelis don’t care about the human race. They are selfish people who in the end will be punished for all of their crimes against humanity. People like that shouldn’t even be able to run a country with a whole bunch of nuclear bombs.

Anybody who supports Israel and their efforts to bring all the Jews to the “homeland”,good for you, but, you clearly don’t read and you’re a follower. I want you to think about this though, the Israeli government is selfish, and in the end, they don’t care about you, or anybody else for that matter. They think once they finish off the Palestinians, they are gonna turn around and try to finish off the rest world except for themselves. I have many accusations about Israel that I can make, but this blog is about the violence against children.

Anybody who can be able to kill a child or even beat a child should be shameful. It doesn’t make Israel any bigger by proving to the world that they can kill a child who throws a small stone at their big tank with an AK-47 in their hands. If anything, it makes them look like weak human beings. I’d like to make a personal shout out to those who support these horrfic actions done by Israel. Listen up, if you say you truly support whatever Israel does, then you are not human. Israel kills people because they want too, not because they “have” too. Put your self in a Palestinians position. Imagine your child being beat to death because its entertainment for the soldiers watching.

Children are supposed to feel safe and secure. I’m talking about ALL children. Children are precious gifts of innocence that bring joy and laughter to life. That child is a son or daughter, a brother or sister, a human being. For once stop thinking of yourselves, and imagine your self in their poistion. Imagine your family, your children or your young siblings. The laughter of a child is the same all over the world. Don’t deminish it by your own selfish agenda.

Articles of child brutatlity by the Israelis:

Israeli troops ‘ill-treat kids’

Palestinian youth shot dead

Settlers attack two children in Hebron

IDF kills women and children holding white flag


~ by behebekfalasteen on September 1, 2009.

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