Freedom…Concrete or Abstract?


A Palestinian child on a Hilltop looking over the Settlement of Ariel on the other side.


      One abstract word, that can have concrete actions. One ideal way of having the pursuit of happiness for you and your loved ones. Freedom. The word with so much definition. In America, that word comes up frequently. The Land of the Free. Interestingly enough, that word is just a mere possibilty for most people around the world. One country specifically has hope for this one word, freedom.

     Barred from travelling at their own free will, some Palestinians have no idea what 5 minutes away looks like. They are limited to travel, and from even seeing some of their family. In Bethleham, the Israelis completely encaged that city with walls and ugly barbed wire fences. They can’t look outside those walls and see the other side of beauty. Freedom is what they don’t have… Freedom is what they want and all human beings need.

     Imagine being only 30 minutes from the Holy city of Jerusalem, and not being able to travel and see buildings and amazing artifacts where some of their decendents were a part of. What right does a human being have to deny another human from rights to have freedom? No human is superior to another human. I don’t care if you disagree, just because in the Bible it says that the Jewish people are the “chosen ones”. That does not mean you are superior to anybody. God also said that all human beings are equal.

    Palestinians are people and every human should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If you treat them like animals, and if you oppress them so much..of course they are gonna get angry and want to rebel. Do you expect any less of that? Palestinians have emotions, feelings, and a heart. Yes, a heart. Some people are lacking that these days. The people who opress the Palestinians, don’t have a heart.

     Palestinians’ live on that land too. That land is just as much Palestine, as it is Israel. That land is for all people…If you do not believe that…You are a segregationist and a racist. There are no superior human beings. No human should have the right to limit the freedom of another human being. Every person has only one life, why should somebody ruin that one life, by limiting their actions and their freedom? People have free will…and should be able to travel anywhere they like.

    Freedom, it’s what every human being on this earth searches for. No government should limit that. Freedom should be a way of life, and not a dream for some. Freedom should be a concrete action for all.


~ by behebekfalasteen on October 10, 2009.

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