Billboard’s Message: Stop sending money to Israel

The recent Billboard "Coalition to stop $30 billion dollars to Israel" put up.

          In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a group of people who formed “Coalition to Stop $30 billion dollars to Israel”, has broken a new barrier in the United States. They made a billboard telling the congress to stop spending our American dollars on Israel.

         Back in April, the Coalition put up billboards similar to the ones shown in the picture above. They were torn down after 3 weeks of being up. The contract was set for a longer time period. People complained to the billboard company and said that Israel shouldn’t be at fault for their crimes against humanity.

        This brought a lot of International Media attention, but now the billboard is back up! It took a lot of effort to get it back up, but it happend. The first billboard was supposed to be at another location, but then after 45 minutes of being up, it was torn down. So now, there is a new location and so far it’s been going smoothly, but the Coalition hopes to expand the billboards into different locations.

            There has been ongoing support for the Coalition  from all over the nation and even the world. People sending in letters thanking the Coalition for their efforts to raising awareness of this problem that effects Americans everyday, whether they know it or not.

          We spend $30 billion dollars of our money to a country who uses that money for murdering others. That’s our tax dollars that can go to American Education and helping fix the economy problem. Instead of trying to help Israel’s economy, we need to start focusing on our own.

           The Coalition in Albuquerque is very active in their intiatives to raise awareness. Throughout the state of New Mexico, they send out their message in creative ways that not many people do in New Mexico. They hold out signs on bridges that says “Stop Israeli Aparthied”, and they are committed to helping the Palestinian cause. Certainly by putting a Billboard up that condemns Israel, it’ll sure bring attention to the cause.

For more information on this Coalition visit


~ by behebekfalasteen on December 10, 2009.

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