The reasons why I made this blog

Three young boys ontop of rubble in a village near the city of Nablus

Three young boys ontop of rubble in a village near the city of Nablus

            My love for Palestine is so strong… so I decided to blog about it. Every single day I think about Palestine. I think about my family, my right, and my land. It brings me so much happiness, but at the same time, so much despair. I look at the occupation as a way to make another human being feel like dirt. No human being should ever be treated like that. It makes me so angry to see what these amazing people have to go through. Their rights are violated, there is no such thing as justice, and they are made out to look like villains. It upsets me because I know that they aren’t. I have seen what the Israeli’s do to them first hand. What hurts me the most would be how the Palestinian kids have to grow up with no sense of direction. Some don’t have a choice of where they want to go after grade school. In America we have so many opportunities to do whatever we want, but the Palestinians don’t. They don’t even have the freedom to travel where they want. No human should be oppressed and caged in like an Animal. The Palestinian children should have nice playgrounds and nice facilities just like the Israeli children do.  They should be able to go get a great education and do whatever they want. My goal in life.. is to educate these children and make them into leaders, so that one day they will help liberate their people, and no longer have to go through hatred, discrimination, and humiliation.



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  1. these pictures are great.They have such a good vibe the kids must have really liked you.

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